Welcome to the re-launched Texas ESD Law website. The goal of this site is to provide information to anyone interested in Emergency Services Districts, including ESD Commissioners, service providers, and the general public. ESDs are authorized under the Texas Constitution (Article III, Section 48-e) and may provide “emergency medical services, emergency ambulance services, rural fire prevention and control services, or other emergency services authorized by the Legislature.” 

Emergency Services Districts are political subdivisions of the State of Texas. These small governmental agencies are separate and (mostly) independent of the County government of the county or counties where they are located. A five-member board of Commissioners governs each ESD. Currently, County Commissioners appoint most of the ESD Commissioners in the State. However, Commissioners for ESDs which are located in more than one county and ESDs in Harris County are elected through a general election process within the ESD.

As public officials, ESDs and their Commissioners are subject to a number of laws and regulations affecting the governance of the districts.